Professional Floristry by Amanda Randell Cox

Flowers to fall in love with

Flowers are present at pretty much every life event and the sense of well being that they provide at each of these life moments cannot be denied, if done well.  It is my raison d’etre to spark joy and create heartwarming ambience with flowers whenever and wherever they are needed.

So do you need Flowers et al?


I know that you want stunning flowers for your wedding day!  You should know that I want that for you too.  It is my passion to learn all about you, your ideas and plans, and working closely with you, to create gorgeously romantic and unique designs.


I have been a florist for 33 years and in this time I have sought to study and attend the most amazing workshops with leading world class florists.


For as long as I can remember, flowers and the English landscape have held me captive.  Form, colour and structure inspired me to create designs from an early age.

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